The App For The Joy Generation Is Finally Here.

Are your days filled with duties, tasks and routines that makes this week quite similar to the last one?

We all have a desire to play and have fun, but we often lack the time to do so. Worse, when we find inspiration of fun activities to do, we tend to forget about them when we actually find ourselves with some spare time for something fun in our lives.

Work, chores and other daily duties should not take over your to-do list and zapp your life energy. Reenergize with a whole list of fun and exciting activities.

Discover Dani's list. This is your pocket guide to a more fun and joyful lifestyle.

We are all overwhelmed by the traditional to do list, which is just a bunch of chores that feels like a ball and chain.

Dani's List is a fun to do list, but it is also much more than this. It is a movement of people who want more out of life. They aren't satisfied with reruns of bad TV shows or third day dinner leftovers. They demand some fun down time for all their hard work and they are now sharing all their experience so that YOU can be part of this movement as well.

It is a fact that those who take time out to truly enjoy themselves, live richer and more fulfilling lives.

And never forget the only thing you can't recover in life is time, so DON'T waste it, have fun.
Get Dani's List and explore the possibilities today.